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Bike and Snow Sports at Bright

Two of the many attractions of the Bright region are the cycling and the snow sports.

Cycling at Bright

When it comes to cycling Bright has it all. Bright is an excellent location for road cycling, mountain biking and relaxed trail riding. There is a bike shop in the town where bikes can be rented. Units 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have a tiled entrance hall where bikes can be safely stored.

Road Cycling

With it's quiet country roads and lack of traffic lights Bright is a great destination for road cycling. If you want a challenge there are a number of nearby hills and mountains with sealed roads. The cycle up and down the nearby My Buffalo is a good option. If you want a real challenge the 3 peaks challenge takes place near Bright every year. This is a 235km event that includes the climbs of Tawonga Gap, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Bright has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years. There have been tracks on Mystic (the hill just above Cedar Units - and also the hill where the paraglider launch is located) for years but over the last few years particularly the local club have put a lot of effort into building new tracks. The Hero trail was opened in December 2016. This is a flow track with lots of jumps and large and steep berms. It has been rated blue. Caution is advised though. There are lots of features that could catch you out. We suggest you take your first run of the course slowly. There is a map of the trails on Mystic Lane (about a kilometer outside Bright on the road to Wandiligong).

There are a lot of other great mountain bike tracks in the Morses Creek area on the outskirts of Bright, and on the hillside above it. If you are a competent mountain biker a good start to a mountain bike ride from Cedar Holiday Units is to get to Huggins Lookout on the hillside just above the units. All the tracks down from here are narrow, often muddy, have steep sections and are close to trees and rocks that could potentially cause injury if you fall off. If you are unsure of your mountain biking ability we recommend you start on the tracks near Morses Creek and exercise caution as some of them also have steep sections and are near cliffs.

To get to Huggins Lookout from Cedar Units the two quickest ways are either cycling up Bakers Gully road and then take a left at the top of Bakers Gully or walking up the walking track with your bike. To find the walking track go up Bakers Gully road about 100 metres, turn left then follow the signs. Once you've got to Huggins Lookout turn left (assuming you have come up the walking track) and then turn left again in about 50 metres at the T-junction with Mystic Lane. From Mystic Lane you can take the single tracks leading down to the left, or you can turn right onto Hazeldean Road and take the single tracks down to the left of that. All the tracks lead down to the Morses Creek area. You can return to Cedar Holiday Units by cycling back to Bright along the Morses Creek tracks and then up Bakers Gully road.

If you are an expert mountain biker there are steeper downhill tracks that can be accessed by cycling uphill from Huggins Lookout. Caution - they are all very steep.

Rail Trail

If you are into a more relaxed cycling experience there is a rail trail that goes from Bright all the way to Wangaratta with an extension towards Wandiligong and another extension planned towards Harrietville. The rail trail can be accessed from Cedar Units by cycling along Bakers Gully Road towards the center of Bright. The rail trail starts on the left hand side of the road a few hundred metres from Cedar Units just before the town center.

There are many pleasant distractions along the rail trail. In the first 15 kilometers these include a cafe, the Bright Berry farm and the Boyntons and Ringer Reef wineries as well as stunning views of Mt Buffalo. Beyond that there is the Ovens pub and, if you are up for a long cycle, the Gapsted winery.

Snow Sports near Bright

There are two large ski resorts near Bright. Falls Creek and Mt Hotham. If you want to ski or snowboard both resorts on one trip, Bright is a great place to base yourself. Both resorts are approximately an hours drive from Bright. Bright has a number of shops where snow gear can be rented.

Falls Creek

Falls Creek has more beginner-friendly terrain than Hotham and so is more suited to beginner and intermediate riders. It does also have some black runs for the more experienced and normally has the better park of the two resorts for those who like jumps. Another advantage of Falls Creek is that the road only goes to the bottom of the resort so it is easier to drive to in bad weather.

Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham has steeper terrain than Falls Creek including some genuine double diamond black runs and so is more suited to intermediate to advanced riders. It also has some good off-piste options. It does have two good beginner slopes. They are both right at the top of the mountain so in good weather the view is fantastic. In bad weather though they are not very pleasant places to be. The road to Mt Hotham goes right to the top of the mountain which can make driving there in bad weather conditions tricky.